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ScanSnap import on Mac - "source" not correctly identified


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I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 with my iMac and scan a lot of documents directly into Evernote. I noticed that when searching notes in Evernote for Mac it allows me to search on Source=ScanSnap, but this returns zero results. If I instead search on source=Desktop, all the ScanSnap scans are found. But unfortunately this is also mixed with all the "handwritten" notes I've created within the desktop app, which is undesirable. Is it somehow configurable or fixable that scans from my scansnap scanner to Evernote for Mac can be correctly tagged with source=scansnap, or identified in any other metadata/search way?

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I recognize that this is an old post.  I just today though see the same behavior in my situation as well.   I'm using Evernote for Mac desktop edition (Version 6.10 (454267 Direct) with a ScanSnap S1500M with ScanSnap Manager Version 3.2 L91.   

This is a bit disconcerting given that I would really like to be able to constrain my searches based on the "source:ScanSnap".   I'm adding more and more of my life into my Evernote account using my ScanSnap and it would be certainly nice to cut down on the number of search hits I get.    Thanks.

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