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(Archived) How to get PDF's out of Evernote?



Greetings, fellow Evernoters!

I was wondering, how do I get a PDF out of Evernote? I save much of my PDF's in Evernote so I can easily find them again, and sometimes I need to be able to IM a PDF file to somebody. The only way so far I've found, is to "EMail note" in Evernote, then drag the PDF file from Apple Mail out to my desktop, drag that PDF to the IM window and send it (though it will have a really weird name, nothing like what it originally had).

Is there an easier way for this?


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Luckily I only use Windows in Parallels for stuff that *can't* run on a Mac, and I'm not going to maintain a seperate copy of Evernote in my Windows so that I have to boot windows everytime I need to pull out a PDF, just because Evernote won't make a "Save as" in the Mac version ;)

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Well I can right click and get the save as option on a mac too :)

As well as an open with option. I get it for all the attachments.

Wohoo.... me too! Who would have thought it to be THAT simple ;)

Problem solved then :)

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I was 99% sure that the Mac had the Save as dialog too, but didn't want to post it without that 100%. Glad it's confirmed ;)

There are certain files on the Mac that do *not* have the Save As dialog that Windows does, though at the moment I'm a bit cloudy on which.

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You can also right-click and "View as attachment" and then drag that icon out; or, a little know trick - right click and open in "Preview" and then drag the icon a the top of the document window title, yes, it draggable!

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