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(Archived) Evernote widget suggestion

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I've used Evernote for about 3 years now and loved it.  Two things have always kept me back in spite of regularly looking at the competitors both have to do with a basic concept, convenience.  The first is the ease with which I can clip content from Outlook or virtually any web browser into Evernote to me that's fantastic and it is available in more places than all the competitors, which to me was a big deal (others might offer a Chrome extension but not an Outlook plug-in or an Outlook plug-in but not a Chrome extension, etc.).  The other was the widget, for example when Onenote came out for Android I disregarded it when I discovered there was no Android widget to create a note from the home screen without having to first open the app.  Recently, Onenote added that feature and I was thinking "what could make it even better?"  It occurred to me that what I'd like to see is the option to include a small search bar in that widget, so in my case the functions I'd like to have on the widget are:


- Shortcut to Evernote itself (already there)

- Create note (already there)

- Search bar where I can type into it directly without having to open the app (not there)


The others like create photo or voice note, etc. I don't use (though being able to customize them is fine, I just don't find Evernote a great place to store photos so I'd rather use the camera app on my phone and have it sync to the cloud, and I've never got into the habit of leaving myself voice notes.


Please make that feature come to life, it would be another nice convenience...some sort of PC widget would be nice as well actually.

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