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(Archived) Notes not uploading to shared notebook

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Hi, I am an art teacher using Evernote with about 300 pupils in secondary education to document their process.

I have opened and shared all the notebooks from a premium account on a mac and the children use a variety of different home computers and mobile devices, mostly finding their own way to use Evernote.

A couple of students have had a problem in that notes that they add to the shared notebook do not show up in my account. These notes show up on their mobile devices with a green arrow in the top right corner, which I interpret as them not yet having been uploaded from the device. We have made sure that the account has 'synced', both from the device and on my macbook, but there is no change. 

Any ideas?

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Hello again...


See my answer to your other question for part of this - also check out the title, size and content of the notes these pupils haven't been able to upload.  There are limits on the size of notes and occasional hiccups over title characters - and big notes may take some time to upload over slow connections.

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