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(Archived) Web Clip without note text broken?


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I'm new to evernote, and it looks great thus far. But I've got one issue:

When I make a quicknote via the bookmarklet, enter a title, tags, and check "Save page URL" (but do not enter text into the "Add Text" or check the "Clip Full Page" checkbox), the note processes, says it saves, and then never shows up in my notebook. (Oddly enough, the tags do show up in my notebook.)

If I add any text into the "Add Text" box, or clip the full page, it works fine.

I can only assume I'm doing something silly, or that there's a bug. This method is how I've used del.icio.us for years, and how I'd like to use evernote (and replace del.icio.us). Am I missing something? Is there a way to simply save the title, URL and tags for a web page without having to type a description?

This would be a deal-breaker, and I hope I just have something misconfigured.

Running Safari 3.2.1 on MacOS 10.5, using the latest bookmarklet code.


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A bit surprised something this essential has taken so long to fix. Hacked up a very ugly fix that seems to work on most (but not all pages).

The below is a replacement for the evernote clip bookmarklet.


If that code gets eaten, it's also over at: http://pastie.org/455239

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Hi folks -

The web release that was just launched fixes this bug. Thanks for reporting this problem. Please let us know if you still have trouble.

Now, if you clip a note and it has no body, only a URL and title, then the body of the note becomes a link. The source URL continues to be set.

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