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Encrypt / Secure complete notebook


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Yes, this is a good place for your suggestion.

Notebook encryption has been suggested several times over the past few years.



This forum's built-in search tool is not friendly.

Here are some topics I found using Google search out on the web.





And some comments from Evernote

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Not trying to hijack this encryption thread, but I stand my comment.


Currently, there are several inherent problems with the forum search.

It might turn up random hits, but it is certainly no where as precise (or friendly) as Google on the web.

I have sent problems with the forum search and even Evernote is stumped on solutions.

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re topicality: helping other users to be able to use the forums better is generally topical.

The old search was bad; I commented on it myself at least once. I noticed that it changed recently, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the new search is much better: it's Google-driven, for one, and produces a sortable list.

The external Google search is fine -- I used it plenty myself until recently -- and will search outside the Evernote world (so you can get blogs and articles) but it can produce duplicate hits on forum topics, and the list isn't sortable. All of the posts you mentioned here are in a site search for "encrypt whole notebook", by the way.

Two tools that work a bit differently, both worth using, at this point.

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