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(Archived) Share note bettwen 2 people is possible?


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Hi, I have an evernote account and my wife has another, i want to create a shared note only with her. For example the shared note has some things that me or her must do, if i do it, then i go on the shared note and delete, then next time she go to our shared note, the thing that i already done disappear because i deleted... Is possible to do this with evernote? Thanks

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It's better to share a notebook than a note.  When sharing a notebook you can invite by email address and assign permissions.  Sharing by note is effectively the same as making that note public (security issue) and sharing the URL (more security issues).


Also you need to be aware that Evernote syncs your changes to the server every 15 minutes if there's a network connection.  Your wife's device will also sync every 15 minutes,  when it has a connection,  and on a different schedule;  any changes she makes will then sync back to you with the same limitations...


So it's been said,  many times,  many ways - Evernote is good for one-way sharing and long-term collaboration.  Not so much for real-time activities.




I'm currently looking at an app (from Evernote's App Center) called Liveminutes - The name's not exactly intuitive,  but it does support real-time collaboration.  You might want to give that a try...

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