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Feature request: the ability to link to specific sections within a note

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I've seen this requested in other posts before and didn't think it was too big a deal.  But now that I'm working on a really long note with tons of sections and the note just keeps on growing, I'm now wishing we had this feature!  Hope you give it serious consideration. Thanks!

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You can also break your note into separate notes, and use note links to link them. E.g. make a master note that contains links to your sub-notes, and possibly link notes together in sequence as well.

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I do miss this stuff in Evernote vs. working in my Wiki.


It's really nice to be able to use anchors to section headings.


I can just insert a code at the top of the note <TOC> and an autogenerated table of contents is maintained.

Then text can just be formatted as one of several levels of Heading.  And that text becomes a table of contents entry.


Copy that link and now you can past it into other notes and link to a specific section of a note.


Or maybe just inline include it <include [note link]> and voila, you have the same bit of text re-purposed all over your notebooks with a single place to edit/update it.


There's just so much Evernote could do with a little markup processing ability.


With the trend to simplifying and dumbing down, I pessimistically don't see it ever happening.

  • One step and it becomes able to have "dashboards" and BI summary/reports
  • One more step and it becomes wiki like
  • One more step and the data can live and be re-purposed into little "applications"
  • One more step and it's hyper-card 3.0
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+1.  I tried to reply to the other feature request on the same topic, but for some reason I couldn't.  I can do this in OneNote, which often means I use OneNote instead, which is a bummer.

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Anyone have a link to the original Feature Request for this?

And... is there a specific place we are to go for submitting Feature Requests, as opposed to just randomly posting about them here? 

Thanks! :)

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