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I like to be able to manage my document without any hierartical organization. Obviously when your document is long and contain more than one subject, then more than few tags.

I like to be able to search by choosing a tag and another one and another one to precise my request. If Evernote doesn't provide the related tag, means list of tag included in the document already selected, your cannot do your search efficiancly.

Hum... nifty box do that... I like evernot because it's better, but do you plan to include this feature in a future version ?

Or does anybody has a solution for me ??



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Evernote does not currently do this because we do not mine your data for content.

We would need to create a type of ranking system that would link tags together without compromising your privacy, which is not something we currently have the capability to do.

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Hi Heather, I don't really understand what you mean.

Evernote currently is able to list all the tags and search for notes by tags. Can't evernote:

1) search for notes matching a tag when i search by a single tag

2) list down related tags, i.e. other tags which these search results are tagged with

3) allow me to select another tag to enhance the precision of the search

4) further refine the search result (now that i have selected/searched using 2 tags), and

5) further list the related tags that the current search results are tagged with?

I would use the delicious tagging system as a reference.


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