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(Archived) Feature Request: CTRL-ALT-N: new note in new window

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I often pop open Evernote to write a small note to myself when I have a thought I want to capture. Recently I discovered that you could use CTRL-ALT-N to create a new note in Evernote from outside the application (if you enable it). However, I still find this a bit clunky, since it switches focus to the main Evernote application.

It would be nicer if CTRL-ALT-N opened the new note in a window of its own without bringing the entire application into focus. The smoother and more lightweight this can be made, the easier it will be to capture notes on the fly.

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I wholeheartedly agree with the OP. There are two things that I want to see in Evernote (both of which are present in TurboNote+ http://turbonote.com/, which I purchased). 1. a note window that doesn't take up the whole screen. 2. A quick way to switch between the note and the other application. Ideally there would be a "park" and "unpark" feature like the one that Turbonote+ has.

Alt-TAB does NOT work to switch between the note and another application because I want to continue typing when I return to the note. Every time I return to the note in Evernote, I have to click before I can continue typing where I left off. That's just silly. Please provide this feature; it must be pretty easy.

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Came across this post because I googled for this issue as it's driving me crazy! Is it so hard that 2 years later, pressing the new note keyboard shortcut still needs to bring the whole full-screen application into focus, and not just the small note window?

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Maybe not that hard, but also maybe something Evernote aren't currently interested in doing, or maybe something they do want to do but have other things they want to do more instead?

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