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Feedback: Utilize more note space

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I love Evernote.  But ever time I open a New Note, I get this big, long screen to type in.  What I would like is to customize that space.  For example, split the note vertically and use one half for typing and one  half for images.  OneNote has always done this wonderfully: you just click anywhere on the screen, and creates a textbox.  Then you can drop and drag that box to place information where you want it.  


I would like more of that customization within notes from Evernote.  

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I can utilize more space and save on paper.


Paper? What's that?

Dead trees. They wrote with stones called "pencils" on those until the 21st century. Sometimes, they would feed the dead trees through something called a "printer" to put words onto the page with some powdered stones called "toner." The toner industry charged exorbitant fees for re-ups, and looked likely to take over the world with their wealth until tablets came along :)

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