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Timed Screen Capture on second display not working

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On Mavericks (10.9) using Skitch 2.7 the Timed Screenshot feature doesn't work on my second display. The timer works fine for screenshots on the primary display, but when I try to do a timed shot on the second display there is no timer and the screenshot is taken immediately.



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@froboy - We are aware of the bug and working on a fix. The simple work around is to enable "Show advanced options after a screen snap" and when you do a timed shot on a second screen the tools will show and you can click on the clock to start the timed shot.


Right now on the second monitor Skitch is treating that as a region capture instead of a timed. 

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This thread was quiet now for more than 6 years, after only a hand full of postings.

How urgent and important this super-feature might be, when you look at the thread history ?

Major bugs have other qualities than this ...

If you want to help to get things fixed, follow this routine:

  1. Get yourself a paid account - developers want to have something in their fridge as well
  2. Post a ticket with support. This privilege comes with the upgraded account.
  3. Wait and see (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer)
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