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(Archived) all tags just disappeared!

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In Windows 7 Evernote Desktop version, tag list page, tried to delete one tag, then mouse ran over several other tags and they were erased INSTANTLY without pushing a button.  Undo would not reverse it, and when I went to Evernote main screen, all tags had been erased!  At that point there was no stopping sync to other devices -- 100s of notes are tagless.  Help, Evernote!!

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Hi - sorry for your loss,  but I've been using W7 Evernote for some while and have never noticed a propensity to auto-delete tags.  And stopping sync to 'other devices' should as simple as cutting the wi-fi link or unplugging a network cable,  and only happens every 15 minutes or so anyway.  Not sure if you can get tags back through a note's history - I'm betting not,  but you never know - but if you're not already Premium you could consider trying it out for a month just to get over this hiccup.  You can try Support (see below) but we're just heading into a weekend so you may not get much action for a few days.  Meantime you may have to start manually retagging unless anyone else has a brighter idea..


PS - User forum here - Evernote help is on the website.  I do suggest you search how to do local backups of your database around here though;  it's super-easy in Windows,  and rather useful in situations like this!

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