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(Archived) Search feature is lacking


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Im using both evernote for desktop and evernote touch and both have the same flaw, the search feature.


In evernote touch (the metro app) its impossible to search inside a note, its a hassle if youre trying to find something specific in a large note.

Thats the only feature keeping me from using only this version.


And in the desktops version the search is kinda cumbersome, you have to keep scrolling down to see the marked words. A better search (imho) is to use a something like chromes or firefox search, where you just press down or up and it goes straight to the desired word.


Would it be possible to implement those changes in either of the apps?

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Thanks for the suggestion.  Evernote is continuously working to upgrade and improve all its services,  so no doubt the search functions will get better in time;  but they don't publish their roadmap or trail upcoming improvements so we'll just have to wait and see..

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