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(Archived) [Bug Report]Search context is global on all screens

Drew Rosenberg

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I apologize for posting this to the world, but I cannot find where to report bugs and this one is driving me crazy.  On Evernote for iOS7 version 7.1.1, no matter what screen I am in, if I type something in the search field then the search is performed on all of my notes instead of just the notes within the context of that view.


This is a bug.  If I am on a screen whose context is only a subset of my notes, and then I type something in the search field on that screen, then it should only give me results within that context.  It should not bring me back to the beginning.  If I wanted to search all of my notes, then I would go to the the notes screen.  If I am on the screen for a specific tag, notebook, custom search, etc. then my search should be applied to the items within the existing context.


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