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Request: Auto date stamp



Hi. I just got Penultimate and threw away my paper notebook. It's working pretty good except for one thing.  I intend on using it to take notes in meetings and conference calls. It would be great to have a button that you can click and it automatically put the date and time text in the notes. It would save me time as I often forget what day it is and have to quit the app to get to the calendar app then back. Thanks.


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I would also ask for a "suggested note title" that features the creation date as a title option - the GPS auto-name is hopeless in my multi-storey office block in CBD Sydney, and the default "notes 1", "notes 2", etc is also pretty lame.

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I agree to the request for a date stamp.


But I would also like to have stamps for keywords like "important" "todo" "urgent", ...  . And it would be very helpful to tag sheets with this keywords and have an global search for this tags over all notebooks.

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First, please exscuse the below usages of ALL CAP in my notes. I'm on phone and am using the Androoid App, so don't have access to the Text Editor at the moment where I would normally just use Bold or Italics to emphasize a point. So understand that I am not trying to YELL. :)

Also: The following suggestions from me are very wordy and probably not well organized, and my fofmatting is a bit screwy. Sorry. As well as working from my phone, I'm also exhausted. But I didn't want to chance forgetting about the ideas that were popping into my head as I began what started as a very short, "Me too, please!" response to the OP's feature request. Hope it's readable, not confusing and doesn't annoy anyone too badly. :)

● Plus one for me about the date stamp, and IF evernote does bring out a feature I'd like put in my two cents on I think would be very helpful for many users - paid and free acount holders, such as a drop dowm menu they can choose their desired Date Format, such as:

▶ Day/Month/Year

▶ Month/Day/Year

▶ Year/Month/Day

● Would also be great yo have Time Stamp either as part of the Requested Date Stamp feature or as another another - hopefully easy to access & use - ALSO with a drop-down Menu that offer the ability to choose from:

▶ Seclect & Insert the Current Time.


▶ Select & Insert Start Time - this selection would bring up another option:

▶ Selection & Insert End Time.

● A feature with such Time Stamps, would I think, be very helpful to Free, Premium and Business Account Holders. For example:

▶ Students using Evernote in class to take lecture notes.

▶ Anyone taking notes at a business, club or other types of meetings.

▶ For home users like myself it would provide anothef way - without needing to stop whatever I'm working on - be it online research, creating a written plain for a house project, writing a blog post, etc. - to note and keep track of the time spent working on any task within Evernote.

● Actually, that last point about Home Users could in reality be applied to ALL Evernote users, especially those with a strong vested interest in Tracking the time they spend doing everything!

★★ What would make both Date and Times Stamp being Requested Here, REALLY COOL is if they could Pop up AUTOMATICALLY every time you start a new Note, or open an existing one, BUT done in such a way with one or two clicks you could refuse such options for SPECIFIC Notes. I.E.

▶ In a NEW Note, a Pop-up option would automatically come up offering the user the opportunity to either close the pop-up or carry on. If they choose to carry on, they could then choose their prefered Date Format from the Drop-Down Menu that automatically comes up afted choosing to procced.

▶ AND once that's done, the Start Time option wouldh pop-up. Users could then close or proceed exactly as they did for the Date Stamp. THEN, when ready to CLOSE the New Note, the user could click on the Time Stamp feature - hopefully stored and easily found in either the Text Menu at the top right hand of the screen or as a Icon on the Toobar across the top of the screen.

▶ For EXISTING notes, the process could work in a similar manner to off users the opportunity to easily track ammendments to the original Note.

Regarding the ability to easily locate Notes marked "Urgent, To Do, or even Due By (a certain day and or time" - can't we akready do this via Tags, Saved Searches and Nesting??

I agree to the request for a date stamp.

But I would also like to have stamps for keywords like "important" "todo" "urgent", ... . And it would be very helpful to tag sheets with this keywords and have an global search for this tags over all notebooks.

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+1 on the ability to select a date format for the note titles... 

It is Annoying af to go back and have to change each note's title with the correct date format. Why does this not use the currently selected date format from regional settings??



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