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(Archived) Rescue Everpix

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I have used Evernote for years and have every part of my life stored on it..... apart from photo's


I just haven't found a way I liked to handle photos within Evernote.


I then came across a brilliant company called Everpix - maybe the name grabbed me :-)


Anyhow, been using them for a while and paid up a subscription I enjoyed it so much ( same as Evernote).


I then get an email saying they are having to shut down due to inability to get extra funding.  Gutted :-(


Then I thought.... what if they could be merged into Evernote and solve all my storage needs in one??


Ya gotta be quick but if you truly want to "remember everything" then photos have to be included....



I have absolutely no ties with either company and am just an very avid user of both



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Nice idea,  but that's not just 'let's buy the company',  that's a radically different database design to integrate for 80M+ users of multiple OS's,  not to mention the bandwidth difference of saving pictures vs notes.  Still,  maybe there's some useful intellectual property they could acquire against the day it does come in at Evernote.


Meantime though there's Flickr,  Picassa...

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