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(Archived) ipad - passcode keypad in Evernote doesn't accept input


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I am having problems with actually typing in passcode to Evernote on my iPad. It just happened following a series of Evernote crashes after copying and pasting texts.

The passcode keypad shows up, but then all the circles around the numbers disappears immediately, which makes passcode input impossible. I think I set the passcode activation to 'after 15 minutes' (not sure, though), so have waited 15 minutes to log in again. But no avail. I even closed Evernote and power-off + restart the iPad, and the result was the same.

Anyone having the same experience?

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I'm having problems on one Android tablet - but my problem is I can enter the passcode, but it won't allow me to select the username field. I've ended up removing and reloading the app/data twice



I have another Android tablet and Android phones - they all work fine.


Anyone have a solution for these problems?

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Either double click the home button and close down evernote and try again, or delete the app and reload.


One other thing to check is available space - I have found that Evernote misbehaves if you're getting short of space on the device.  Try deleting something else to free space and see if the problem goes away.

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Thanks, Kle and Dmee.

Here are the updates since:

The same thing has happened several times more since the first episode. I have tried both closing and opening Evernote and deleting and reinstalling the app as Dmee suggested. Only deleting and reinstalling worked. The last time when it happened, I kept punching in the passcode keypad - not with a clear purpose in my mind, but rather as an act coming out of annoyance - while I was holding on with other work. In the end, a message saying that I had reached to the maximum passcode attempts and the passcode would not be prompted next time I open Evernote flashed up before the app closed itself. Obviously there must have been a conflict within how passcode prompting schedule... So now I don't have passcode entry to Evernote, enough with crashing, deleting and reinstalling *****.

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