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(Archived) Audio Note Trouble, please help!


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I have EN on my iphone and ipad and use it to record my lectures, I've found that when I make an audio note, in some instances, it doesn't show up when I log in to my online account. For example, I have 6 notes, all of which were audio recordings but 3 of them are not showing at all. I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it but now I have lost those 3 audio files completely and I just have 3 empty notes with titles and no content! I'm getting seriously stressed now because I don't know if I'm going to be able to recover the files! If anyone can help me I'd be immensely greatful!

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Uninstalling is probably the worst thing you could have done in the situation,  and I'm afraid you've almost certainly lost the notes.  If you recorded for any length of time,  you presumably produced quite a large sound file,  which will take a while to get from your phone to the web.  Until the note is synced with the web servers,  it's saved in a cache on your phone.  Once you uninstall however..


Sorry to sound unsympathetic but if you need to use any service for something important,  it's best to trial it first and work out the problems before you use it for real.  Now I think the best advice would be - see if you can find someone else who has the notes (or another recording) so you can catch up;  and next time you record something,  take notes too,  so if you eventually don't have the recording you can still survive.

(If you have access to a laptop or something with local hard drive storage - record using that;  you can still play the recording from that if sync doesn't work immediately..)


And give it some time with the phone in 'sync' mode before you try using the web or a desktop version.

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I had a similar problem recording a meeting with EN.  I did not uninstall, however.  The meeting went longer than expected which took me over my allotted space.  It continued to record, but as soon as I stopped it, it disappeared.  You mentioned that it may have saved in my phone's cache?  Is that accurate?  How would I recover such a file?  How can I pay for additional space without stopping the recording in the future?

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