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(Archived) Remotely Delete Install on Mac from evernote web?



I was hoping someone could give me some much needed and time sensative help or advice! I am trying to figure out a way to delete the software install off a Mac, but through my account through the web. I do not want to delete my evernote account, and I cannot delete it directly from the Mac.


Long story short: I recently bought a Macbook second hand, and downloaded the new Maverick Install. A security feature requires a PIN number that I do not have that was set by the original owner. It is the feature that locks the computer down if it is lost or stolen. I contacted the number on the screen, putting me in touch with the original owner. It turns out that the computer was stolen at some point along the way, and I am meeting with a detective tomorrow (11/5/13) so the Mac can be returned to the original owner. I still do not have the PIN number or any way to get into the computer, but I have personal/confidentail information that I do not want a stranger to have access to. Is there any possible way to delete my installed version of evernote on the macbook through the web account without deleting my entire evernote account? 


Any help or alternative suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you

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I'm fairly certain you can deauthorize devices, which I'm assuming will log out the account the next time it tries to sync. I'm also pretty sure newer updates require your password when there is no internet connection, at least I remember reading that on the changelogs for Windows...

This may not be too helpful, I'm on an iPad right now. I'll post again if I figure out how to deauthorize. But I wanted to offer what I could since you said it was time sensitive.

Edit: That was actually pretty easy to find, so I'll just edit the post. Just go to https://www.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action and find the Mac, then click "Revoke Access." I'm not sure what Evernote for Mac will do with that, though.

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Wow that worked beautifully! My main problem was, I had no idea what to enter in to a search to bring that up without explaining the whole situation. I'm also slammed with papers and midterms and didnt have alot of time to start browsing through forums between now and when I meet with the detective and when the next paper is due in the morning.


Thank you for your help! I now have peace of mind. Now I just need a new macbook lol.

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