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(Archived) 3M Post-it Notes and Evernote for Android


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Do the new features for capturing Post-it notes with the camera work in the Android version of Evernote?
I can not find a way to change the camera in Evernote on my Android phone to the Post-it Note mode.

Has this feature only been released for iOS to date?

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I've tried it but unfortunately it doesn't work :/ to the best of my knowledge, the post-it note cam is only available on iOS right now, I have an iPad and a Galaxy S4. I think that's what the original announcement said, too.

I'm curious, though, is it possible to print tags for Moleskin?

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I was in Staples today and none of the branding on the new Post-its tells you it will not work with Android. I had a feeling it wouldn't work so I did not buy it. But this is really irritating when these cool features are introduced with big marketing campaigns just to remind me that I'm not using an iPhone or iPad. My Evernote use is decreasing because I can't access all the features.

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A production version, 5.7, just dropped, and per the Google+ comment by Xavier, Post-it functionality isn't in it.

We shipped a public update yesterday. That will hide again the Post-it Camera for everyone, since this version is higher than the last beta.

We actually hoped to deliver today another beta update with a new major feature, but this is now delayed by 2 weeks since we found some bugs.

Please let me know if that's a problem for you and we can see what we can do. For now, I would rather focus on getting this new feature ready for you.

Thank you. 

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See - usually I post a feature comment and say 'never going to happen' and the next release includes it; new year,  new process - "coming soon" means..  wait one.  (Or two).


Ah well..



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Post-it functionality is back in my Android,  and the colour details are in Evernote > Settings > Camera Settings > Post-it Notes...


Here too, but with this nice see-through feature


It seems the png file lacks a  layer



(where the hell is the "upload new attachment" in this forum?

ok solved, I had to use the full editor)




(snapped with Samsung Galaxy S Advance)

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Ok, some more tests done with

Samsung S Advance

Post-It Canary Yellow


With fash on

and "Automatic" EN scene:

post-137810-0-90235300-1390054203_thumb.  with a red marker; 332 kb file size

post-137810-0-47919300-1390054258_thumb.   with a black pen; 78 kb file size



With fash off

and "Automatic" EN scene:

unable to upload in this post, too big files > 1 Mb

they are png files again but without high contrast, so I can see a yellow background and the red/black marks



With "Party", "Night", "Sunset" EN scene

if flash is on, I have green/yellow background with white/transparent written text

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Perfect. started with a picture, not a note.  did a pink evernote post-it, added photos of medical bills. viola! instantly tagged and notebooked.  Thanks evernote. speeds up a lot when doing paperwork.


Ideally a color tagging evernote system where i could color dot all the months paperwork and it be all notebooked automatically. But this works!


Samsung Note 2

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