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keyboard shortcut for "open note in separate window"

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Greetings.  As this is my first post, please be gentle.   ;)


I searched the forum and this did not come up, so I apologize if this is a question asked a million-fold.


I'm rockin' evernote 5.4.2 on a Mac.


Is there a way to program a shortcut (without going to a 3rd party app like QuicKeys) to "Open Note In Separate Window?"  One of my workflows that I use Evernote for involves me doing this a lot.  My wingnut ideology is one that strives to keep my hands away from the mouse/trackpad as much as possible.


Is there already a shortcut that I'm just missing?  I dont' see it as an option in the preferences...


And this is NOT to open a new note in a separate window, this is to open an existing one.  





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Yeah.  I now see I probably should have posted this on the Mac forum.  That said, thanks for the reply!!  I appreciate ye lookin' into it.

Yeah, I already moved / tagged it as "Mac". Hopefully someone more Mac-aware will be able to answer...

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Here are the Mavericks instructions. Older versions will be similar.

1. Open System Preferences

2. Select Keyboard

3. Click on the Shortcuts tab

4. Click on App Shortcuts

5. Click the + button

6. From the Application popup select Evernote.app

7. In the Menu Title field type ‘Open Note in Separate Window'

8. Click in the Keyboard Shortcut field and type your desired shortcut

9. Click the Add button


Once you do that you should be able to type your desired key combination and open the currently selected note in a new window.

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Wow.  Via the operating system?  Incredible.  I've considered myself somewhat a power user for some time and didn't know you could do that.  Ye learn something every day.


Of course I'll have to do it separately on each computer I figure... I don't think OSX syncs these via iCloud... but I'll take it.


I'm using a shortcut of  ctrl-opt-command-return, for those of you following at home.  TMI, perhaps.  Crazy, I know.





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This is working for me in 6.0.1 on 10.8.5. I can assign shortcuts to top-level menu items like "New Audio Note", but not to "Open Note in Separate Window". Are you sure this technique works for context menu items?


I'll add that "Open Note in Separate Window" should really be in the main menu which would support this and also scripting. If Evernote were to add it that would be nice. Not sure how to do feature requests....

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I think this forum is one way to do feature requests... so I'm glad to see others are interested in it.


The shortcut, when set up through system prefs, seems to work on some of my machines but not others.... also possible I've not set it up on every machine... though I've not looked into it.


If that is the issue, this is another reason it would be great as a built in feature of Evernote, as Evernote prefs sync too, no?



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