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(Archived) Feature Request

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have been using Evernote for about 8 moths now and absolutly love it! ... But of course there is always room for improvement. :D

Are there any plans to be able to password protect a whole notebook so that we don't have to encrypt every note contained in it?

Either that or make it so that when you first login to Evernote your not able to see any of the notes in it. I dont really see the point of having a password if other users can still access all of the notes without entering the password.

Other than that Its all great and keep up the good work!


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I second this...

Sometimes I open Evernote to grab some information when someone is sitting next to me. By default, Evernote opens on "All Notebooks", which includes any new notes I've written in personal notebooks. It would be nice if personal notebooks could be hidden/password protected or some such, in order to separate personal notes from more general notes and info. Admittedly, I could toggle the list view, but just like it's a pain to remember to logout of Evernote every time you close your machine, it's a pain to remember to toggle the list view...

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Same problem here, just uninstalled and contemplating switching my paid subscription to another service. I use this at work and Im not allowed to put a personal password on my machine.

This feature is so heavily requested I dont understand why Evernote are so against it. They have to realize that they have customers with needs and many different use cases. This app is great for people without secure needs, but Im guessing people who need this for work pay the most.

Cancelling my subscription in 3...2...

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