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(Archived) BUG - crash (quit) on right click to add new note


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using 5.03 on Windows XP, been having lots of crashes (well Evernote just quits, no error msg) if right clicking on the thumbnail view of notes within a notebook to create a new note (ie when you select "create new note" on the right click menu). No new note is created, and the app just vanishes and quits.


Been happening on a couple of Windows XP machines, not everytime, but 60%+. After Evernote restart sometimes the right click works ok, sometimes throws you out. After evernote has been in use for a while then % of issue occuring seems to increase.


Fortunately not lost anything so far. Not tried other "new note" creation methods (Ctrl-N etc) to see if they are afected too or just the right click.



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