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Hide Note Title in Presentation Mode?

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Is there any way to hide the note title in presentation mode? 


Presentation Mode would be great if there was an option to hide the title. 


I have tried leaving the title blank but then I get "Untitled Note" in 72px font! I can put just a period . in but it still leaves me with this huge area that I have to scroll through to get to the note content.


Fascinating! I just discovered that a note clipped in using Clearly does not put in the monstrously huge title.  All other notes do. 


The note title is in something like 72px font then leaves a large space before the content of the note shows, so you have to scroll down with your arrow key (slowly!) to get to the content of the note.

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I think also it would be a great feature and Very necessary to speed up the prsentation of notes to clients.

I need to be continously moving down mouse for each note slide.

Evernote please this is needed!

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My proposal: A way to allow study flash cards to be made by using Evernote presentation mode. 

Proposed Solution: Allow Hide option button of the title to be turned ON/OFF by the user.  


Currently the title is displayed on presentation mode as seen on image 1(the note title is: Splenic Vein Thrombosis).  This needs to be modified to allow the hiding of the title and not giving the answer away!!!

Question is set on second page (image 2 attached)

Answer to the question on third page (image 3 attached). 

Other DETAILED notes on the third,fourth, .... page as it is currently done.  

By doing this, you will NOT need to have StudyBlue flash cards.

You will not need to copy paste your notes to Studyblue or other third party option providers and go back and forth between study cards and your nicely organized, detailed notes in Evernote. The worry of losing some data and images in transfer to third party flash card apps also will be resolved as everything is done directly at Evernote level. 

This will save the user some money by not ordering other third party flash cards (like StudyBlue) and make the Evernote premium option more desirable and user friendly.

It would be nice if this option was given an option to mark the presentation slide (or study card in this case) for review again down the road. 

I appreciate and look forward to other people's input and suggestions, 









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