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(Archived) Evernote + Post-it Use Cases

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I'm wondering if anyone has any good examples of Post-it use cases using Evernote. I love the idea of digitising Post-it notes, but I'm struggling to think of a really good reason to scan post-it's rather than simply typing the note into Evernote.

I've bought some Post-it's, I love colours and the concept. I just need a reason to use them. :)

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I stick them on my desk and write lists of things I need to do as I think of them. I then add them to Evernote with a reminder. Yes, I could just enter them directly into Evernote. But, sometimes, it just feels better to write things down. Also, the bright colored squares are a visual reminder that there are things I need to do. However, I used to lose them. Now, I don't. Also, sometimes I need to put post-its on things telling other people what needs to be done with something. Adding the Post-it to Evernote reminds me to follow up on the task I delegated. 


For me, the thing that's great about Evernote is that it's very flexible. I don't have just one way I use it. I use Penultimate for taking notes at meetings except sometimes I use LiveScribe. I use ifttt.com to export a lot of information into Evernote from other sources. And, sometimes, I type notes on my iPhone or iPad or MBA. You may or may not find the post-its useful. Whatever way Evernote works best for you is the best way to use it. 


Best of luck. 

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We've had posts here before about note colours and midmapping..  post-its are a happy mix of both.  If you have anything to plan you can assign colours to timescales,  tasks or people and write the stages of your process on appropriate post-its.  Stick them to any handy wall in order of action,  or priority or whatever.  Now work through the whole thing again to find the bits you missed.  Add new notes.  Once you're happy the whole thing is properly documented and sorted,  put some reference numbers on your post-its and collect them together.  Start snapping into Evernote.  Now you can sort the elements by note content,  by notebook or tag and still have the whole thing documented even if you bin the paper notes afterward.


(And yes,  I'd photograph the wall before it all came down too,  just in case...)


Just sayin..

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