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(Archived) Please bring back the v4 thumbnails with adjustable zoom


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I've been an Evernote user for several years. I love and heavily evangelize the product but just wanted you to know that in my opinion the thumbnails available in Card and Snippet view are in my opinion a step backward; particularly when one does a search because:


1. The "thumnbnails" do not show you the whole page. Rather they show some portion of the page the algorithm considers relevant -- which oftentimes may not be what the user consider's relevant. This greatly diminishes the value (and fun) of evernote's search, and searches now take much longer for me because the snippets often shows irrelevant portions of the page.


I would much rather have a thumbnail of the whole first page because I can quickly locate what I'm looking for just by the shape, colors, logo, etc.  To fix this issue, add a new view (similar to v4) that shows you thumbnails of the entire first page of each note. 


2. You no longer have the ability to zoom in/out of the thumbnails and this non-adjustable zoom is such so that I can only see about 4 to 6 items even after adjusting the split screen whereas with v4 I could zoom out to 20 to 30 thumbnails at once and  found that just by glancing at the thumbnail I could often quickly identify what I was looking for.  To address this issue allow users to once again choose the level of zoom they want for the thumbnails.





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I completely agree with this post and it's probably my main gripe over the new Evernote 5.  I know lots of other people are saying the same thing.


Here is an example of a "thumbnail" of a business card that I have scanned in.  Check it out. That is not a thumnail and it is not useful for indentifying what is on the particular page in the notebook.  Evernote 4 used to show me a real thumbnail of the business card. Evernote 5 shows me a portion of the card which is unidentifiable.



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One of the great things about software is that we can have features that simultaneously cater to multiple users. 


If EN wants to keep the card view, then let them keep the card view.


But please bring back a view we had in V4 namely thumbnails. Also I want EN to bring back the ability to zoom in/out of those thumbnails.

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