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(Archived) is there a way to change the image file size on iphone?

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i've noticed that the image sizes are larger than i would like when taking snapshots with my iphone. is there a way to change the default within evernote for iphone or otherwise? the problems with large or high-res images is that they can take a long time to upload on a slower network. (edge in weak spots, etc)

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We don't have any control over the resolution used by the iPhone camera, currently. After taking a picture with our app, you can pinch/zoom to crop the image to the displayed area, which would let you upload a smaller picture if you didn't need the entire raw photo.

You can also configure the network preferences under the Account tab to specify that you only want to upload on wifi.

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i suspected the first part already but thanks for the tip on cropping. i didn't know you could do that. it should help control the image size in an indirect way by taking a wider pic then cropping.

i also just found the wifi setting by coincidence today. thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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