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(Archived) Account usage & UPLOAD statictics breakdown display

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I would like to be able to look at my "account info" link under "tools"

and see the following:


- the upload for the current cycle (as it is now)

- the breakdown of that usage, such as JPEG - PDF - and other upload data totals listed.


for example:


JPEGS (camera)   - 103 mb

PDF                       -  25 mb

recordings             - 162 mb

Skitch                    -   10 mb


Right now the usage is very vague, we as users should have the ability to see what is our largest data crunchers.


this type of display could eliminate the majority of usage questions at a glance.


and one other question I have: when I am working on a note and add a few sentences, or add an attachment / picture file

when I complete my editing of that note and it re-syncs/saves it, does it count the entire Note AGAIN in data usage? or just what I append to the note?



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Seems to me a fairly simple search for notes + attachments between 2 creation dates would get you a list of uploads from which you could cut/ paste into a spreadsheet and use the note sizes to get this information already,  but I'd question the usefulness of the data because you can't take it back - and resolving to 'save fewer pictures' next month won't get you very far - well I wouldn't remember how many clips I'd made with pictures past the first or second clip - without running the search on a daily basis...


And if you edit a note and add an attachment of any kind (AFAIK) only the attachment details are uploaded so only that  hits your useage.

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