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Requested Hyperlink and image hotspot Features

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Currently Hyperlink support includes basic URLs File, Http(s), ftp etc

Requested Hyperlink Feature:

* The ability to create a hyperlink that links to another note *

create a hyperlink that links to a tag view (inc multiple selected tags), see all related notes

create a hyperlink that links to a saved search string (inc any selected tags), see all related notes

Bookmarks - insert bookmarks in notes and link to via hyperlink, eg link to bookmarks in other posts to get straight to section

another idea would be to do the same but with image hot spots

eg click on the wheel of a car diagram to bring up posts with wheel tag or saved search for "wheel"

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I see this no different than hyperlinking to a web page in terms of usability and complexity.

Create hyperlink type a search string, drag tags or saved search , hit insert

It would add greater cross referencing power to evernote especially for academic / educational usage.

I think more people would use it than you give credit to.

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I agree that the ability to create bookmarks and then insert Hyperlinks to jump (like MS Word) from one 'Note' to another refrenced 'Note' is a crucial function necissary to time-effectively navigate NOTES as well as just stay organized when you have as many Notes as I do.


We all think we have created an effective Taxonomy or hierarchical filing system to organize key knowledge nuggets necissary for our Personal & Professional life. Yet, when we file the INFO away, or go to work with some existing INFO, sometimes we feel it belongs in 1 - 3 places, Notebooks or categories. We can tag these notes for cross-reference/association - But after a while, your still searching through a number of tagged notes. While the search engine is adaquate, it's hard to find something that you can't remember excactly what you called it, or what term you used.


Face it, in a hectic, professional client driven environment, you need to move fast, find the tools or INFO you need and move forward quickly, this is the foundation of an AGILE organization - critical if your organization wants to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE.


Attention EVERNOTE Technicians, Would you PLEASE consider providing this functionality, The infrastructure & functionality is there, Evernote only need a few tweeks.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best, Wil

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