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(Archived) Feature Request: AutoCorrect (Replace text as you type)

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I love this feature in MS products.  I have a number of product names that I am typing to clients (in emails) every day.  In Outlook and Word I can go into the AutoCorrect options and post an abbreviation that will be replaced by a word or words or words and symbols.  As an example...  When I type “CT” in a word doc or email, it is instantly replaced with “Quantum µCT”.  I would love to have this feature in EV.  

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Lots of text expanders out there if you need one...whatever your OS.


Yes to text expanders.  NO to "auto correct".  Which tends to "auto ***** up" & creates texts & emails that are the butt of jokes & has spawned several websites dedicated to such "bloopers".  Just this morning, sending an email to my manager & "auto correct" on my iPad changed the word "unix" to "unicode" to generate an email that made no sense whatsoever.  Thankfully I proofed before tapping 'send'. 

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Depends how you work I guess..  I suffer from FFS - fat finger syndrome - in that while my digits are no less slim that most,  I seem to have this talent for hitting two keys at once.  In most of the software I use that gets instantly changed back to the correct spelling.  I have very very occasionally noticed that the replacement word I get is nonsense in the context of that sentence - but then I tend to read stuff as I type,  then re-read before I send so I've only rarely been caught out.  But yes,  in this case I was talking about just an expander that can take '#e' and make it into 'Evernote'.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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