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(Archived) New iPad app MASSIVELY improved, now tell me where the sync button is :)


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I rarely used the iPad app because it used to be so bad, so I don't know when the app got a major update, but it's now massively better!  But I have an older version of a note opened in front of me and for the life of me I cannot find the sync button nor any way to get it to manually sync by swiping etc..  I suppose opening and closing the app would do it, but I'd like to know where the manual command is.



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It's also designed to not to need a manual sync.

Brian has showed you where it is.

But also note that the very act of clicking save in a note immediately syncs that change.


Evernote also automatically syncs whenever focus is returned to the app.

So even before you've hit save in a new note...


If you swipe up the Control center from the bottom and swipe it back down.  Or the Notification center from the top, and then back away...  Or double tap the home button to bring up the multi-task UI, and click back into Evernote.

All these things return focus to the app, and it syncs.


You can see this yourself by starting a new note, don't hit save, but do one of the above.

Now open your desktop Evenote and sync, and voila you'll see the note in progress on your iphone/ipad has now synced to your desktop.  If you change your mind at some point and hit cancel instead of save, it will also delete from your desktop.


Or lets say you start a note, and get interupted, and lock your phone or it auto-locks and goes to sleep.

When you wake it up and continue on the note, it also starts by syncing in the background.


Evernote's point is to stop worrying about sync.

It happens seamlessly in the background without you needing to do anything other than just use it.

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The sync function/button is accessed by clicking on your username at the top of the main page, once you are signed in. You should then see the Sync Now option in the middle of the page.


Thanks!  It's really funny that it's in green, that's supposed to be a "call to action" but what actually happened is my brain immediately filtered that out as a border title and I totally ignored it, just as "business" above in green is a title rather than a command.  So I kept looking at things in black which are commands.

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