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(Archived) Evernote doesn't recognize hand written notes on WM!

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Hey everyone,

has anyone noticed this, that Evernote on WM6.1 doesn't recognize the text in the hand written notes made inside the app? I mean actually writing on your touchscreen..that's quite sad, because you could quickly take a note of some address or telephone number and search for it later :/

it's not my writing either..it just doesn't recognize the text..

would be great to see this working in the next version!

thx, and great app! might stay with it :D

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When you take an ink note on WM, we save the raw ink geometry and then synchronize it to the service. Then, the server examines it to extract searchable text, in the same way that we process bitmap images from the camera. This means that you should, in theory, be able to search for your WM ink notes after waiting a few minutes for processing.

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