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(Archived) Please design a quick way add multiple tags in one note



Premium member here, on Evernote 5 for Mac.


I love most things about Evernote, but this seems to be a glaring omission in simple user-friendliness. Right now, when I want to assign the same tag to multiple notes, I either have to open them one by one - which can be an incredibly time-consuming process when I have dozens or even hundreds of notes to deal with.


Alternatively, I can drag them to a tag in the left sidebar, but that would mean I either have to have the tags visible there all the time (which most of the time clutters up the screen too much, so I generally don't have them visible there) or I have to activate them just for this process.


If I want to add a new tag to multiple notes at the same time, I have to generate the tag first, then as in the previous paragraph, either have the tags visible in the sidebar all the time or make them visible just for the purpose of dragging them over this time.


A much easier and more intuitive way to handle this would be similar to the way multiple notes can be moved to a notebook at the same time: right-click on one of the selected files, and then a pop-up menu of the available tags, topped by a "Create new tag" option.


I understand the "Assign Tags" feature on Evernote for Windows may be similar to this.


It doesn't seem like it would be all that difficult to implement, and I'm surprised that something this basic still isn't a standard feature in version 5. I hope that the Evernote development staff will consider implementing it soon.

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