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(Archived) Feature suggestion: Gmail like archive or programmable btns

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I use the following workflow:

My default notebook is called 'Queue'

Every so often I go through 'Queue' and move items to 'Archive'

Special projects have their own notebook, which eventually get put into 'Archive'

This ensures items being imported (into Queue) always get a second look. Thus, Evernote functions not only for 'information storage' but also an 'information inbox' (Queue might just as well have been called Inbox). Dragging items from the queue/inbox to the archive, however, quickly becomes tedious.

Gmail makes this as simple as possible with the 'Archive' button; perhaps there is a way to work in similar functionality into Evernote. Please note that in Gmail:

  • [*:2zpkqesq]Archiving is a lightweight operation (in the case of gmail, removing the inbox tag)
    [*:2zpkqesq]Archived items enjoy the same status as other items, and they are still searchable

The equivalent lightweight operation in Evernote, IMO, is to move notes to a predefined notebook. Ideally this would be implemented as a single click (without drag) operation, either by explicitly enabling a button to be tied to a notebook, or by enabling the definition of buttons that can be set to perform some macro.

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I don't think this should be a default feature (whatever workflow users decide to layer on top of Evernote should be their choice), but having the ability to customise the interface and add functionality with macros would be a useful addition.

Are you aware that you can select many notes at once either by holding Ctrl and clicking on their headers, or clicking in the Note List, and then drag them all to a notebook?

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Yes but unfortunately the note body of the most recently selected not is not shown when multiple notes are selected, so I would be required to know in advance which notes I want to move (therefore it's not as useful). I agree that this workflow will not suit all users.

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