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(Archived) Created Date Search in Android


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I've been having the following problem with search in the Android client for quite a while (last few months):

  • Press magnifying glass
  • Select certain notebook
  • Enter 'created:day-1' (or any other 'created' term)
  • Press 'search' button
  • Result is a random number of notes in the specified notebook, created at random times, not just the last day. The loading circle in the top right flashes every couple of seconds

This is very strange and quite annoying as I have saved searches for journal notes created in the last week/month that don't function on the Android client.


Supporting info:

  • It doesn't seem to matter which notebook I select - problem still happens
  • If I don't select a notebook, then the created date search term works fine
  • The problem is not there in the Web or Windows clients

Any similar experiences?

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