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(Archived) Can't sign into the latest version of Skitch for Mac

Megan Iemma

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I have an Evernote presentation tomorrow night here in Melbourne, and thought I had better update to the latest version of Skitch to make sure I am showing the right version and I know I have a lot of pictures (500 screenshots), but it is taking forever to sign in.

Can anyone help me???

Megan Iemma

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Which client is taking a long time to sign in? You said Skitch in your title, but point out Evernote presentation. 


Assuming Skitch, did you receive any error message when signing in? Do you have two factor authentication enabled? Do you have a slow internet connection? Are you able to save anything?


If you're notes are stored in Evernote, you can access the images from that app. Assuming you are running the latest Evernote client you can Markup images/PDFs using the Markup tools inside of Evernote (they are the same as in Skitch). Just use the Markup icon, or right click on any image or PDF and select Markup.


On a side note, you can use presentation mode in Evernote to get a nice clean full screen view of your content as well.


If you're still having problems, but have a fast internet connection, and assuming you don't need to annotate, you can load up Evernote.com and access your notes that way and even display the content in a clean slideshow mode.


Let me know if you need more assistance. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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