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(Archived) Are Annotations Searchable

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New to this so here goes. I have EN free and just getting used to working with pdf's in evernote. I am amazed with the success of searching pdf's but if I annotate a pdf (while in evernote) it doesn't find it in search. 

The annotation was done using foxit reader.

I tested a some annotations outside EN and if the pdf was annotated using adobe reader and then searched in adobe reader it found it.

I then tested in foxit doing the same and foxit couldn't find it.


I'm trying to avoid using skitch as the file swells in size considerably


Any suggestions 


Evernote 5 Windows PC

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Your PDF files are searchable because they're OCR'd and include the text characters as part of the file.  If you make a change Evernote won't re-OCR the file because that's already been done.  If you can re-OCR manually before the save,  that should do the trick..

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Thanks Gazumped, that makes sense now. Just humour me on this one. If I have to Re-OCR and then resave the pdf outside EN and then bring it back in, wont this now increase my storage allowance? If so this is ok on small files but I could take a big hit on larger files especially on my free account

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Yep,  sorry - the price you pay for changing a large uploaded file.  Actually I would have thought adding your annotations should do the same thing - you've changed the file and re-uploaded it.  If you're not finding that's the case,  then you could always keep an 'annotations log' - make your notes in the file but keep a copy of all those notes in a notepad file and copy the content into the note to which your PDF file is attached.  Then every time you need to find all the references you can at least find all the PDFs containing your search term - although you'd then have to page through to find the actual point at which you made the comment.  Up to you whether that's workable..


And don't forget that you can link to files stored externally from Evernote,  so if you kept your 'in progress' PDFs in Dropbox (for example) you could change to your hearts content and still find them quickly from Evernote but without any upload overhead.  Move the file to Evernote when you've finished your notes.


(Or actually,  since you're using Evernote's PDF search facility,  why not put the original PDF in Evernote and also have a link to a copy in DropBox.  Do your amends in Dropbox, then movet he final version to Evernote...    maybe.)

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Afraid this option not workable for me but worth a try. I can work around this other ways but just wanted to see if EN could do this inhouse.


Evernote has changed my life (must have been boring) and everything goes in it to keep me organized.


As I've read before, Evernote can't be everything to everyone but it certainly comes close in my books


Probably the single most valuable tool to a forgetful old ***** like me



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