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Mac Mail to Evernote (Apple Script) -> Problems with Mavericks

Ivanhoe Joe

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Hi all ,

Mac Mail to Evernote does NOT have any third party application but a "rather complicated" apple script.
If your not a techie I suggest you don't even try to install it.


Long story short:

I run the Script by http://veritrope.com/tech/mail-to-evernote/ succesfully... !!
Until few days ago, I upgraded operating system to Mavericks and since then I had error scripts showing up.

Q: Anyone here has experienced the same?

Q2: When will someone release a third app fully compatible with Apple , Mail to Everonte?!!




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Thank you. I am aware of TSW .
In fact the very reason for me wanting this script to work is in order to use it.
But I have had problems with the script since updating my software to Mavericks.
I hope to get this fixed. I need it in order to "Getting things done!!"

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