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After my OS Mavericks update, my entire notebook for a class is missing right before the test. I don't understand why my other notes synced throughout the semester and somehow these ones didn't save to the cloud or my computer. WHERE DID THESE NOTES GO?

Hi. Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear about your problem! Could you give us a little more information, though? I would like to know whether the notebook was local or synced, whether you can see it on your Web account or not at www.evernote.com, and if you have a backup (using Time Machine or some other method).

In the meantime, I have taken the liberty of starting a support ticket for you. You should receive an email from Evernote in a few seconds. The support people are the experts with this kind of thing. Make sure to let us know how things go!

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It was synced. I synced manually every time I remembered and it was automatically synced every 15 minutes. My time machine isn't working on my computer at the moment so I don't even have access to that. I have no back up. I figured the cloud would be safe but I've learned my lesson. I can't see it on the site or my apps. If it was local, where would it be stored on my mac?

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