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Screenshot image is blurry

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Hi guys, when i use web clipper to capture screenshot, the image appears to be blurry. I'm not sure whether it's because of compression. I doubt that it's compressed (web clipper outputs jpeg though) because when I try to compare the file size with mac built-in screenshot, web clipper's image is larger.  :huh: 


I've attached two images below to illustrate what's happening.

Blurry image (from web clipper)



Sharp image (from mac screenshot)



PS. I'm not trying to promote this book. I discovered it when i was trying to capture the book i've read into evernote. So i just used this as an example. Pls bear with me   :D


PSS. The images are a little larger than their original size so even the sharp image looks a little off. I'm not sure how to put it at 100%.

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Did anyone find a resolution to this? I'm using the Web clipper on the edge browser and all screenshots are fuzzy. I have checked my computer and the resolution is set properly and I'm on a higher resolution monitor. I really think this is a problem with evernote. Copying and pasting into evernote works fine.

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