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Auto saving attachments from Gmail to Evernote



I want to create an easy way to save my attachments that I receive in Gmail to Evernote. 


I'm on a Mac, use chrome, have webclipper, and evernote premium.


The process I go through now is to download attachment in Gmail, find the attachment in downloads, drag to evernote, then go to evernote. 


Ideally I want to just go to Evernote knowing that the attachments are there.


Here are things I've tried:

  • Webclipper in Chrome - should work per some documentation, but it does not save the attachment
  • ifttt script - gmails with attachments forward, but the attachment is still in a link (link to locker.ifttt ...)

Any ideas?


Thank you.



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I know this question is way out of date, but since it was never answered, and other people might be interested, I'll share what worked for me. My problem with the ifttt script was two-fold. One, as this question mentioned, ifttt doesn't actually include the attachment in evernote, but instead uses a link. Secondly, I didn't have control over what the note in evernote was named (unless I missed something in ifttt). The title of every note coming in was locker.ifttt.com (a pain for clean organization).


What I wanted to do was capture specific attachments from a specific person (A company for example that sends emails titled "2015 01 01 - Receipt") I set up a gmail forward that looked for emails from that person AND subject:receipt


That worked a lot better for me. YMMV




After playing around a bit more, I found a solution that I like even better:

Two different ifttt recipes:

First one does a search for new emails: from:client@client.com subject:receipt

It then takes the first attachment and saves it into my dropbox account in a specific folder.


The second recipe looks at the folder and anytime a new file is entered, it sends an email with the file as an attachment to my evernote "email notes to" address. This allows me to specify the subject of the email (better than a forward because the subject is already specified, so I can't add @ and # tags)


Now I can capture the files from a specific person, get the attachment the way I want, and set up tags and the notebook automatically.





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I haven't tried this but can't you simply create a rule (or filter or whatever Gmail calls it) that takes any email with an attachment and forwards it to your EN email address?  If I'm not mistaken, you can also set a lower limit on the attachment size so you can avoid forwarding junk like peoples email signatures and such.  Once in EN, you can set up a notebook called "Inbox" or something and then sort, tag or whatever the attachments from there.  I like IFTTT but it doesn't seem necessary for this.

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