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(Archived) Can EN show note closest to me ('Near here')?

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I see where I can search notes by location, which is a nice feature.  But what if I have several notes within a given radius, and I want to find the closest one to me?  e.g. what if I've created a note/tagged 5 restaurants within a 1 mile radius and I want to know which one is closest to me.  I will see all 5 in the results, but they seem to be in random order (not by title, not by creation date... can't figure out how it is sorting).  Is there a way to sort them per distance away?



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Thanks for replying.  It would be for people on a mobile device, so primarily Android and iPhone etc.  Wondering how granular this can get - if I record a note at each restroom at a large park, for example.  Someone I share this with could do a 'near me' search and find everything tagged 'restroom' within 1 mile, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be able to show nearest one?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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