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Feature request : duplicate note


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Sometimes i don't know where to store my notes, in which notebook to store them.


Imagine : 


I have a notebook called "web design". Inside i create a note called "beautiful wordpress templates".


And i have a notebook called Wordpress, where i store every tips about Wordpress ( tutorials, exemples, plugins, templates...)


I would like my note to appear in both notebook without duplicating content. So if i modify the note in "web design" it would also gets modified in "Wordpress" notebook.


It would be like hard links under Linux : files with different names and/or in different folders all pointing to the same file.


I guess it's not an easy modification, but it would be very usefull :-)




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On the other hand imagine having one note with tags for Wordpress and Wed Design.  A search for the Wordpress tag would give you all relevant notes including this one;  likewise a search for "web design".  And if you ever change the note,  it's changed in both searches.  Easy,  cheap and available now...

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Well,  I'd have to argue that one note in multiple notebooks is not exactly a structure either.  But I do want something like "transclusion" as it's known in Wiki land,  which is a way to include some or all of the contents of one note in another,  which is (I think) pretty much what you're asking for.  That's a very handy function for notebooks that you share with others because you can repeat standard information like phone numbers wherever they might be required,  which saves someone searching for information in the guts of a datafile designed by someone else - information which might or might not be available anyway.  And if contact details change,  the person who does know where the data is stored can alter it in one place and have it reflected everywhere.


But that sort of structure isn't simple to implement inside a database that's subject to lots of traffic and (in my case anyway) thousands of notes..  but maybe one day...

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Note: beautiful wordpress templates

1st Notebook: web design
2nd Notebook: wordpress

Request - You want to duplicate the single note in both notebooks.

Best Suggestion - my preference is the the tag route mentioned by gazumped

Alternative Suggestion -
Place original note in 1st notebook
Put a link to the note into another note in 2nd notebook (right click and select "Copy Note Link"). Throw in a few keywords to help with the search if needed.

This will ensure you always work with the original note, but can access them from multiple locations.

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But not well structured... For now i will do that way ;-)

What does that even mean, "well-structured"? If you can find the notes you want easily, then what would you need well-structuredness for (whatever that is)? My rule is create notebooks only when you need to: mainly, if you need to share a set of notes with someone else, if you want to keep a set of notes local (and unsynced) on a desktop machine, or when you want to guarantee that a set of notes is always available on your mobile device, those are the big three reasons to make a separate notebook. Otherwise, you can do just as well or better using tags.
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I'm looking for a solution for this as well...


I agree with what Gaz said in regards to adding more tags to a note, that's the right way to go. My circumstance is different however.


Say I have a class and in that class is 5 different sessions. I want to make each session it's own note so that I can plan each session accordingly in a GTD sense. For example, for !!Today I want to be able to add/plan 1 class at a time.  Where duplication comes into play is that each of these notes essentially has the same tags #skillshare #iOS #!Next etc. When you have 15 sessions with the same tags duplication would be helpful.


Not a need more of a want

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