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(Archived) Last updated time/date correct, but edited content is missing



I made some lengthy edits to a note on my macbook last night, while in wifi. And despite the note showing the correct 'updated' time today, none of the edits I made are there. They are not present on my iphone or on the web version either.


There is also no conflicting changes folder anywhere I have looked.


I am pretty sure the Evernote application has been open this whole time, even when my computer was sleeping over night. So if there is a way to quit without saving or something, I don't think I did that.


I don't understand why the actual changes I made would be missing, if the application knows that I was making updates at that specific time. Why would it save one but not both?


Am I missing something or did I somehow discard/not save changes I made? Or did Evernote just ***** me over in some tech glitch?


I'd open a support ticket but the note contents were for an assignment I have to get done tonight, so getting a reply later this week is of no use to me...


Anyone have suggestions?

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Doing some further research I am pretty sure that my old content overwrote the edits I made. Not sure exactly what I did with my phone's Evernote, but this makes sense. It sounds like a lot of people have this problem. I am new to Evernote and it seems completely counter intuitive that this could happen. I even upgraded to premium just now to see if my updated version was in the note history, but, surprise surprise, it fell within that 8 hour gap period, so I just have two old versions of my note. This is a total drag.


Is there anything I can do? I'm doubtful.

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Sorry to hear about the problem. I'd contact support (see link in my sig) to help others and prevent it from happening to you again. While I have reported old data syncing over new in the past (with no ther client open), I don't think I've seen this on the Mac before (mine has been on iOS), so it would be good to talk with support and see what is happening. Check your Time Machine for a copy of your data.

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