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(Archived) 2 Questions - green arrow and audio files issue - help please


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two more quick early-user questions for you generous experts please.........


1 - what does the green triangle with arrow in upper right corner of some notes mean?  just that it hasn't been sync'd yet, or that it can't be sync'd for some reason, or...??


2 - since latest update, recording in evernote seems to produce huge audio files -- previously a 15-min recording would be 1-2 MG and now it's 8+ MG.  is there an explanation or fix for this please?


thank you all so much!

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1 - You're right. The green triangle means the note hasn't been synced yet.

2 - Unfortunately, I haven't noticed this change in audio file sizes. I have meetings of regular length which I record and haven't noticed any difference.

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