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(Archived) Table Handling & General Text Editing functions



I'm an asolut fan of Evernote, use it daily to capture and manage data provate and business releated.

While I see all the announcements regrading new features and new products, I feel kind of left behind with very limited editing features in the m ain app.

Just managing tables - As simple task as add a row - Is painfull and leads into  frustrations.


I really hope Evernote is working on better editor functions, as I'm considering to reevaluate the tool...

Any type of roadmap (I know vendors don't like to share) would help me to stick longer eventually.


Regards, netwho


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There have been more than a few posts on this - search the forums.


And I don't think Evernote will share their roadmap - even to retain your interest - they haven't ever done so yet...


Understood - And I just realized that I'm in good company with editor issues ;-) - TBH I just thaught for a company capapble of doing that type software (and I stated that I like evernote a lot), getting better editing features wouldn't be a challenge...

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The requests for editor improvements go back a long time and cover a lot of ground - maybe the problem is deciding what to include and what to leave out;  I know if we wound up with an MS Word behemoth I'd be unhappy...

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I suggest implementing "save to Evernote option" in text editors, maybe some widgets. I'm not a coder, so can't suggest technical solution. However on the user experience side, I believe that there is a shortcut solution: if some text editors like Clean Writer or Wrangler Writer and even Mac's native Text Edit would allow to save notes to Evernote. In my case I'm writing all my notes in Text Editor and then clipping the text to Evernote. Because some apps like Clean Writer Pro or iA Writer will allow distraction free typing and full screen.

As well text editor of the most update Evernote version for Mac, in my opinion is little uncomfortable and feels awkward while writing, when compared to older versions. Previously I could run editor in full screen page, which look like text editor. However today fonts are tiny (especially title) and writing space doesn't expand much on screen even while fullscreen. So design makes you feel limited and jammed.

Text editor in Evernote is extremely important for me personally, as I'm keeping all information in Evernote, from Diary to Contracts and Business correspondence. And most of information is in text. Text and OCR recognition are distinctive advantages of Evernote when compared to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and other cloud services. Therefore I believe better text editor or some linking option from Text editor to Evernote is vital for Mac Version. On Windows Evernote text editor is still convenient, when compared to Mac. As well Google Keep's design doesn't even stay close to Evernote functionality. Problem is new design of Evernote's text editor for Mac.

I sincerely hope that Evernote text editor gets improved soon, as this is my most used application on a daily basis, on handset and computer.

This is the greatest application Ever, maybe only web browser concept may be close to Evernote on functionality.

Really Appreciate your attention to my post and time spent reading.

Thank you for Evernote!

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