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(Archived) Voice Notes on Iphone sound bad

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Thanks for the feedback. There are limits to the audio quality that we can get from the hardware and software on the iPhone, but we're considering alternative audio encoding standards that may improve quality for voice-only recordings.

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I am using an application for recording audio on the Iphone called ITalk and it has excellent sound quality. It records in .aiff format though so the files are pretty big. But what it basically means is that the hardware of the Iphone is capable of recording and playing audio in a very good quality.

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Yes, our first attempts used some of these less efficient encodings, which could easily fill up your Free account's monthly upload limit after a few minutes of recording. We switched to a more efficient compression scheme, but are still investigating other options.


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I'll have to second this... both the size of the files and the quality, too much loss with EN. My idea is to not use Evernote for audio as for now, and perhaps add files recorded with iTalk or Voice Memos later on. Any improvements here are most welcome ;)

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