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windows EN5: Can't nest tags from shared notebooks?

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Today I finally installed EN5 to see whether the initial issues I read about in this forum have been resolved. 


On EN4 I can nest tags created by someone else, in a notebook they shared with me, into a main category (called, for example, NOT MY TAGS). Doing so keeps their tags out of my visual field, and they don't disrupt my workflow with my own tag hierarchy.


On EN5, however, I could only nest the tags I'd created myself, not the ones from a shared notebook. Those tags appeared flat, on a hierarchical level identical to my personal tags' main level. Every single one of them was followed by the email address of the notebook owner.


I like knowing whose tag it is (especially when it's something long and too detailed like "bread_suppliers_benjamin_franklin_stone_bakery_2013_may"), but for me the final effect of not being able to nest them is that of EVC: Extreme Visual Clutter.


I also couldn't find a way to make those tags disappear by selecting only my own notebooks.


For me, having other people's tags in my face all the time is a dealbreaker. Someone shares a notebook with me, and their tags are more important than my own?


Perhaps pertinent distinctions:

Was running EN5 on an XP computer; EN4 on Windows 7;

Was running EN5 on a free account; EN4 on a premium.


Does this happen with premium accounts on Windows 7? If so, is it by design or is it a bug?




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I have the exact same problem. How do I hide tags from other users?


/Jan Busk

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I have just spent the past couple of months integrating GTD/TSW/EN into my life and I've been loving it.  I feel much more relaxed, and focused.  Today I went to share some work-related notebooks with my office manager, who has only very recently started with EN.  I had started her out with some of the basic Tags that TSW suggests.


Then she 'joined' my notebooks and her Tag list EXPLODED with a bunch of flat, un-nested tags that cannot be moved or nested, and are intermingled with her own tags.  I know that in the Tag view you can turn on and off which tags you see, but let's be realistic: the Sidebar is where almost all the action happens, and so far I cannot see a way to make ANY changes in that view.


This makes the whole "Collaborate with others" thing silly and unusable.


The workarounds and alternatives I've been reading about do not work, and I don't understand the thinking behind how it is currently set up.  At the VERY least, the 'shared' tags should be hideable/nestable/distinct from one's own hierarchical Tag list.  At the moment this woman's tag list is a total, unusable mess. It also includes a list of tags that just read <no name> which I'm assuming are the Nest Titles which have been stripped somehow. Jeez. Take a look at the attached screenshot.


Very very close to being a deal breaker.


And before the apologists jump in and say "well hey, caveat emptor you should have read the fine print, EN isn't a collaboration tool yadda yadda"  please just keep that to yourselves. It's not helpful, and doesn't do EN any favours in terms of how I feel about this otherwise awesome program.


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I would prefer to be able to nest tags in any way I choose locally, shared or personal (and stack notebooks in the same way), too.

That being said, I've grown unfond of dealing with the tag tree in the left panel in general, even without shared tags, and without even having a lot of personal tags (my tag vocabulary is pretty set at ~200 tags in my personal account these days; my work tags will grow, but slowly). I don't want to spend time managing them (the occasional cleanup, but no more), don't want to use the tag tree for searching, nor even look at it most of the time: I keep the tag tree closed up entirely almost all the time nowadays. Gives me more space for notebooks and shortcuts, which I find more valuable. There are better ways of doing arbitrary tag searching in the Windows client, for my purposes anyways; the search control over the note list gives progressive filtering that I find more useful. Maybe this is all just self-defense mechanism after inheriting shared/joined tags, but I think that I was heading that way anyways.

On the other hand, if they could fix the useless UI duplication if shared identical tags, then that would make things nicer for my case.

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I can think of a few things that would fix this:

1. Group the tags under the username instead of showing the username after the tag.

2. Include all ancestor tags in shared notebooks and display the tree in the list of tags under the users email or username that serves as the root of the tag tree.

3. Allow users to toggle between personal, shared, and both for the entire app. This should affect all searches too.

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I'm having this problem too. Does anyone know of any solutions since this was last addressed in 2014?

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7 minutes ago, Eduardo Estefano said:

Bump. Is this issue resolved on Windows? 

No, it is not.

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This is something that must really be a pain for windows users. If you share many notebooks, you end up with a very messy tag structure, where some tags are nicely organized and other are all over the place.

Hope this is fixed soon.

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