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(Archived) Searching a note with multiple .pdf files

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BACKGROUND:  I created  several notes with up to 100 .pdf files each, with the idea that I could use the search feature to highlight relevant .pdfs when needed. 


PROBLEM: Search identifies the note containing the .pdf but does not specify which .PDF had the search string. If I open each .pdf the string is indeed highlighted when present but neither the "inline view" or "view as attachment" allows me to find which .pdf to open. 


QUESTIONS: is there a way to automate creating a new note for each attachment in an existing note? <or> Is there a way to identify which .pdf in a note contains the keyword from a search without opening every .pdf?


thanks for any help

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Most obvious tip would be to put one PDF in one note,  then you'll know immediately which is the one.  The other options would be to add keywords to the entry so you know which PDFs are which,  and/ or (if practical) change the name of the files to reflect the content.  You could start doing this with each note that you open from now,  and even only opening the files that you search through I'd bet you'll have reviewed all of them within a month or two..

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